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28 March 2011 @ 09:41 pm
This happened a few weeks ago but I've just been thinking about it a lot lately.

For her 21st a guy who really likes her bought her a few gifts as well as a joke gift in the form of furry handcuffs. I sat there watching her unwrap them and knew that they were going to be a lot of fun. Unfortunately for him he never got to use them but lucky for me I did :D

I can be a bit of a control freak in my every day life. I like things to be organised and planned and so being tied up and blind folded is a massive turn on for me but also it's something I'm a little afraid of. As it was just us she put my hands above my head and chained them to the headboard and then started to do all the things I love that she never usually indulges... biting my nipples, spanking my ass, dragging her nails over my body. She would lean in to kiss me and then pull away and she'd lick along the join of my thigh and not actually go down on me. I was going crazy. I was soaking wet, arching my hips just begging to be touched. Usually she likes to finger me first till I'm all worked up but this time I was laying there, legs spread, my thighs coated with my wetness and she just pushes straight into me with the strap on we have. Fuck it was so good. I immediately started to rock my hips back against her not caring how slutty or eager it looked because I really just needed to be fucked.

I was itching to lean down and start rubbing my clit but even as I strained against the restraints there was no chance in hell I was getting out of them. As I got closer she pulled out and went down on me, sucking my clit and lapping up all my wetness as I moaned like a fucking whore. I can't help it. When I get that turned on I just lose track of myself. She knows I need penetration more than anything on my clit and I started to beg her to keep fucking me she turned me over on my knees and fucked me till I came harder than I can remember with her. It was amazing.

It got to the point where I felt like I needed her to stop but she just spanked my ass, called me a slut and told me to take it like the whore I am.

... it's easy for me to see why I couldn't wait to go down to her place this past weekend. :D

Only three weeks till we go on holiday and it's just the two of us. No interruptions. Can't wait.
22 December 2008 @ 01:36 am

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